Copernican Principle

from by The Larch



From the Larch's 2008 CD Gravity Rocks

A tribute to Copernicus and his discovery that led to the principle that states that the Earth is not in a central, specially favored position & that humans are not privileged observers of the universe! Thanks for setting us straight Nicolaus!


Copernican Principle they’re still picking at you
Some notions are hard to accept no matter how true
I thought that we’d got this straight went Watson & Crick
Unraveled the secret of life in a helix twist

Copernican Principle: aren’t you skeptics a little late?
You can’t send the knowledge back once it’s got past the starting gate
Copernican Principle ain’t goin’ away

Copernicus started it all; figured out that we are
One of several large chunks of rock that go around a star
Copernicus started it all; others followed through
Galileo, Darwin et al bruised egos too

Copernican Principle: first the earth turns out to be round
Then Ptolemy’s universe crumbled on shaky ground
Copernican Principle brought everyone ‘round

Don’t you wish that you could wake up, find it’s been a dream
With the earth still at the center of the cosmic scheme
Don’t you want to turn back time, play down progress and all that can bring…
But you can’t get past Copernicus
You can’t get past Copernicus


from Gravity EP, released August 29, 2011
song (c) 2008 Ian M. Roure arranged by the Larch



all rights reserved


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